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Walk on 1st September 2013 - Double Deer Stream Written by Liz 1530
Walk on 25 August 2013-Shing Mun Country Park [城門郊野公園] Written by Liz 1460
Walk on 18th August 2013---Stream walk on Lantau Written by Francis 1148
Visit on 11 August 2013 - Ninepin Islands [南北果洲] Written by KW Lee 2209
Walk on 4 August 2013, Po Pin Chau, High Island Reservoir Area Written by Liz 1278
Walk on 28 July 2013 - Crouching Dragon Stream Trek in Lantau Island [大嶼山 臥龍石澗] Written by jay 1412
Walk on 21 July 2013 - Sin San Stream / Wang Chung Stream, Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Tai Po [大埔八仙嶺郊野公園 仙散石澗 / 橫涌石澗] Written by KK 1470
Walk on 14 July 2013 Hunchbacks / Ma on Shan [牛押山 / 馬鞍山] Written by Liz 1936
Coastal Walk on 7 July 2013 - Tong Fuk, Cheung Sha, Pui O and Mui Wo, South Lantau [南大嶼山 - 塘福 長沙貝澳梅窩] Written by Helen 2926
Walk on 30 June 2013 - Double Island, Double Haven Marine Park [印 洲 塘 海 岸 公 園 往灣洲] Written by KK / KW 1914
Coastal Walk on 23 June 2013 - Fan Lau / Pak Kok, Lantau Island [大嶼山 分流白角] Written by KK 2128
Walk on 16th June 2013 - Cheung Chau Written by Liz 2547
Walk on 9th June 2013 in Tai Lam Chung area---Forest walk in Part I and Stream Trek in Part II Written by Francis 1163
Walk on 2 June 2013 - Wang Chung Stream, Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Tai Po [大埔八仙嶺郊野公園 橫涌石澗] Written by KW Lee 1745
Walk on 26 May 2013 - Ng Tung Chai, Yin Ngan Tai Mo Shan Country Park [大帽山郊野公園 梧桐寨, 燕岩] Written by KK / Vivian 1991
Walk on 19th May 2013 - A Shan to Bride’s Pool, Pat Sin Leng Country Park [八仙嶺郊野公園] Written by Francis 1623
Walk on 12 May 2013 - Flying Dragon Stream, Sai Kung West Country Park [西貢西郊野公園 飛龍石澗] Written by jay 1731
Walk on 5 May 2013 - Dragon's Back and Shek O, HK Island [ 香港島 龍脊 石澳] Written by KW Lee 2113
Walk on 28th April 2013 - Looking for wilderness in HK Island Written by Giuseppe 1447
Walk on 21 April 2013 - Double Dragon Stream (Lantau Island) [大嶼山 雙龍石澗] Written by jay 2012