Walk, Swim and BBQ on 22 May 2005

Level of Difficulty
Mui Wo - Chi Ma Wan
? km 2 hrs Lowest: ? m
Highest: ? m
Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.

Walk from Mui Wo to Chi Ma Wan, followed by a Swim and BBQ in Cheung Chau.

  1. As the weather is getting hot, we are planning to do something easy this Sunday.  We’ll do an easy walk from Mui Wo along the south eastern coast of Lantau down to Chi Ma Wan.  From Chi Ma Wan we’ll take the inter-island ferry to Cheung Chau where we’ll swim or enjoy the sunset at Kwun Yum Wan.  A BBQ will follow after the swim.
  2. We’ll meet at 11.45a.m. on Sunday 22nd May 2005 at Pier No. 3 in Central (ferries to outlying islands) to take the ferry to Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay).  From Mui Wo, we’ll walk a little bit uphill to a trail which will take us to Chi Ma Wan.  The walk is an easy one booter, and is along the coast and so hopefully the sea breeze would cool us down.  The walk will only take about two hours.
  3. View of Cheung Chau from Chi Ma WanFrom Chi Ma Wan, we’ll take the 4.20 pm inter-island ferry across to Cheung Chau.  The ferry trip is only 20 minutes.  In Cheung Chau we’ll do whatever we like; but a swim at Kwun Yam Wan should be enticing.  A BBQ will follow after the swim.
  4. You should bring enough water and a light lunch to the walk; and if you will swim, bring your swim gear and a towel.  There are shower facilities on the beach.   The ferry leaves Central at 1200 o’clock sharp and so don’t be late.
  5. I’ll arrange everything for the BBQ (lots of food, beer and soft drinks) and so you need not bring anything to the BBQ.  However you must let me know (call the Trampers hotline 8209-0517 or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) before 5.00pm on Saturday, 21st May if you are joining the BBQ so that I can arrange enough food and drinks.  We’ll share the cost for the BBQ. 

If it threatens to rain in the morning on Sunday, please call the trampers hotline to see if  the walk is cancelled.


# cha 2005-05-23 18:24
Couldn't have picked a better day for a swim and BBQ. Well done Francis.

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