Stream Trekking on 5th June, 2016 - Wang Chung Stream

Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Tai Po Market MRT Station (10:30am) > Bride's Pool Bus Terminal > Wang Chung Stream  >  Wilson Trail  > Pat Sen Leng Country Trail >  Bride's Pool Bus Terminal  

Abt. 7 km

4.5 hours

Lowest: 40m
Highest: 250m


* duration excludes travelling time




People join this walk at their own risks. I shall not be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgment and inadequate orientation skill on my part. The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to and accepted unconditionally this disclaimer.

Warning:  This stream trekking is intended for seasoned hikers with good experience in rock climbing, hopping across large boulders and bush whacking. They join the hike at their own risk and shall not be afraid of rock cliff climbing / height / bush whacking.  Pair of gloves, long trousers and shoes/sandals with non-slip soles are required.



Weather forecast looks OK on Sunday, June5, 2016. We will do a 2.5 boot stream trekking / hiking (weather permitting) this Sunday in Wang Chung Stream in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Tai Po, New Territories.

We’ll meet at 10.30 a.m. at the Tai Po Market Railway Station near Starbucks and take bus 275R or share taxi for Brides' Pool to start the stream trekking from Wang Chung.
The Stream embraces picturesque landscapes,  clear water pools and majestic waterfalls (such as the Dragon Ball Waterfall) and we could swim in a few of the pools. 
The stream trekking will last approximately 3-4 hours, reaching an altitude of about 215m where we will leave the stream and join the Wilson Trail Stage 10. We will then go downhill to Bride's Pool Bus Terninal through the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail. 
Please bring swimming gear / google / clothes + sandals to change after the walk / pair of thick gloves  / insect repellant   / non-slip shoes suitable for stream trekking.
If it is raining hard or thunderstorms are threatening, the walk may be cancelled.  If in doubt, call the trampers hotline 8209-0517 in the morning. 

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