Walk on 3rd April 2016 - West Dog Teeth Ridge, Lantau

Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Dog Teeth Ridge (west)

& Lantau Peak 

About 14 km


Abt. 5.75 hours


Lowest: abt. 50m
Highest: abt. 934m
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* duration excludes travelling time


Tung Chung MTR Station (10:30am)  >  Shek Pik reservoir > Dog Teeth Ridge (west) > Lantau Peak (934m) > Pak Kung Au > Shek Mun Gap (Tung Chung)
Lantau Peak or “Fung Wong Shan’’ (Chinese鳳凰山, literally "Phoenix Mountain") is the second highest peak in Hong Kong and the highest point on Lantau Island, with a height of 934 metres (3,064 ft) above sea level. It is most famous for the sunrise scenery viewed from the summit.  This mountain is actually made up of a pair of peaks, one is known as "Fung Shan" (male phoenix mountain) and the other is "Wong Shan" (female phoenix mountain), together they form "Fung Wong Shan".  (From Wikipedia)


This Sunday, April 3, 2016, the trampers will be back to their normal 3-boots routine.  It will be a bit tough but quite familiar to most of the trampers.  We will meet at 10:30am at Exit B of Tung Chung MTR Station, Lantau Island.  From the MTR station, we will take transport to Shek Pik Reservoir to start the walk.  Warming up walk on the country trail will only be about half an hour.  Then climbing up hill through the steep slope will be another 3 hours.  After reaching the Lantau peak with the height of 934m, we will take the path on the eastern slope leading us to Pak Kung Au.  Over there, we could take transport back to Tung Chung or Mui Wo.  OR we could keep going descending to Tung Chung via Shek Mun Gap to end the walk.

Bushwhacking and good balancing skill will be required.  Please show up in full gears with2 litres of water, lunch, snacks, rain wear, a torch, sun block, gloves and mos-spray(but no cigarette).  If it is raining hard or thunderstorms are threatening, the walk may be cancelled.  If in doubt, call the trampers hotline 8209-0517 in the morning. 




Disclaimer: - People join this walk and any other walks organized by me at their own risks.  I shall not be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence,neglect, errors of judgement and inadequate orientation skills on my part.  The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to and accepted unconditionally this disclaimer.    

Mango & Tim

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