Walk on 20 December 2015 - Around Plover Cove Tai PO [大埔船灣內外湖]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty
Tai Po Market Station [大埔] > Chung Mei [涌尾] > Inner rim of Plover Cove [綑船灣內湖] > Tai Kau [大滘] > Hung Shek Mun Au [紅石門坳] > Ngor Kai Deng [鵝髻頂] > Main Dam Plover Cove [船灣大壩] > Tai Mei Tuk [大尾督


20 km



Lowest: 0 m
Highest: 300 m



* duration excludes travelling time




A 3-BOOT route is proposed for 20 December 2015 to skirt part of the inner rim of the Plover Cove, Tai Po, New Territories, then uphill onto the ridge around the Plover Cove. [The Trampers did this in March 2014.]


We will meet at 9:30 am at Tai Po Market Station Concourse outside the coffee shop opposite the Customer Service Area and share taxi to Chung Mei to the starting point of the hiking. We will walk along the inner rim of the Plover Cove until around  Tai Kau where we will climb back onto the top of the ridge and continue all way to the main dam and will end the walk at Tai Mei Tuk 

As it is expected the  walk will end about 6:00 pm, please bring your head lamps, new batteries. Please also bring the usual stuff plus pair of gloves, long trousers, wind break, water and lunch etc.


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