Moonlight Walk on 27 September 2015, MacLehose Trail stage 7 & 8

  Distance Duration* Elevation Level of Difficulty
MacLehose stage 7&8 16 km 7 hours Lowest: 200
Highest: 950 m
Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.



Disclaimer: People join this walk at their own risks.  I shall not be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgment and inadequate orientation skills on my part.  The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to an accepted unconditionally this disclaimer.


27 September 2015 is the Mid Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) and we will have a night walk to watch the big full moon (weather permitting) in possibly the best spot in Hong Kong - the Needle Hill.

(Note: 28 September 2015 Monday is a bank holiday.)

We meet at Tsuen Wan MTR station concourse at 22:00 outside the turnstiles and opposite the Hang Seng Bank ATM machines (near exit C). The 10 min waiting rule will be enforced. We will take a Minibus or taxis to the Shing Mun reservoir.

We will start walking around the lower end of the upper Shing Mun reservoir before we start stage 7 with a steep climb up to Needle Hill (532m). Following the ridge we will reach Grassy Hill (647m) before descending to Lead Mine pass. Next comes stage 8, where we climb up to Tai Mo Shan, with 954 meters the highest mountain in Hong Kong with the subsequent decent to route Twisk, where we will finish the walk for a morning dim sum tea. During the descent, it should be around 6:00am and we may watch the sun rise.

The walk is demanding and relatively long with repeated ups and downs over some of the highest hills in Hong Kong. There is no easy exit, but you can walk out halfway at Lead Mine pass down to Tai Po.

Please bring along your moon cake, some snack and sufficient amount of water (2 liters are a minimum). Also bring your headlamps with new batteries and a separate torch, hat, good footwear, mosquito repellent, a jacket / long trousers against the colder wind overnight and all the other things that are smart to bring on a walk.

The walk might only be cancelled if it is raining hard or the thunderstorm warning is in force. If in doubt on 27 September 2015 evening, please call the hotline 8209-0517.



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