Walk on 10 May 2015 - Exploring D'Aguilar Peninsula 鶴咀半島



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

 D'Aguilar Peninsula


About 10 km

5-6 hours*

Lowest: 2 m
Highest: 320 m


* duration excludes travelling time


Disclaimer: People join this walk at their own risks.  I shall not be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgment and inadequate orientation skills on my part.  The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to an accepted unconditionally this disclaimer


Assembly Time: 9:30am (plus a 10-minute waiting time)

Assembly Location: Shau Kei Wan MTR station Exit A 


Proposed Route: Shau Kei Wan MTR -> Bus 9 to Shek O -> bushwhack and rock scrambling ascent -> D'Aguilar Peak (325m) and satellite station -> visit/pass Cape D'Aguilar attractions (pillbox, sea caves, lighthouse, whale bones, research station) -> Cape D'Aguilar Road -> Watch Tower in Hok Tsui Village -> Cape D'Aguilar Road -> Bus Stop

Note: While Trampers have visited this place on June 12, 2011, I have never been to this place. I have to rely on information from other hiking groups to aid the navigation. We may also explore other areas in the peninsula not mentioned in the proposed route. Do not sign up if you have concerns of getting lost or in a hurry for other appointments.

Reminder: Please bring gloves (with long sleeves and long pants) for the bushwhacking part if you don't want to get scratches. Bring all the usual gear, in particular lots of water, shoes with good grip, hat, sun block, mosquito repellant, etc. Also, bring lunch.

NOTE: If it is raining or threatening to rain, the walk will still go ahead but we may change the route accordingly (e.g. shortening the proposed route or hike Dragon's Back instead). If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call the hot line 8209-0517.



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