Walk on 15 March 2015 - Visit to our General - Tai Tam Country Park, HK Island [大 潭 郊 野 公 園, 將軍石]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty
Sai Wan Ho MTR [西灣河站] / Generals Rock [將軍石] / Mount Parker  [柏架山] / Tai Tam Reservior [大潭水塘] 


12 km


Lowest: 20 m
Highest: 530 m


* duration excludes travelling time



A 2 BOOT route is proposed for 15 March 2015 around Tai Tam Country Park in Hong Kong Island and to visit the General.

We will meet at 10:30 am at Sai Wan Ho MTR Concourse near Customer Service Station and pass blocks of housing estates until the start of the trail. Being still within the Chinese New Year month, we will visit the General to say Hello (將軍). Early exit will be available, depending on how long you wish to walk.

Please bring the usual stuff plus pair of gloves, long trousers (some bushwhacking is expected in Generals' Rock), torch, water, lunch etc.



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