Walk on 23 March 2014, Hong Kong Trail and Wilson Trail [港島徑, 衛奕信徑]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Tai Koo MTR Station [太古站] > Greig Road > Mount Butler > Batcaves>  HK trail > Jadines Lookout > end at Hong Kong Parkview (Section 5 HK Trail)


About 8 km 


4-5 hours *

lowest 25 m highest  440 m

* duration excludes travelling time



Interview with Vampire


We will meet at 11:00 am at Tai Koo MTR, Exit B street level [Kings' Road].

We are having an exceptional adventure this coming  Sunday, visiting our tiny flying friends. Please stay cool, no scream, as a matter of fact, we  need to be extremely quiet so that hopefully they won't  notice our existence.

Please bring along a red light torch.

Our visit is mainly to observe and sharing nature, not  to disturb, we shall leave without a trace.

Please come with all the usual gear, in particular water, snacks and lunch, a red light torch, gloves, a hat, umbrella/rain gear, good shoes, a map of the area, etc.


If it is raining or threatening to rain (thunderstorm warning), we may change our route where appropriate.  If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517.




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And please make sure you read, understand and accept the walk RULES below!




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