Walk on 28th April 2013 - Looking for wilderness in HK Island







Level of Difficulty

Hong Kong Island

about 12 km

6-7 hours

Lowest:   5 m
Highest: 440m

*excludes travelling time


This week we will explore the remaining wild areas in HK Island, trekking a stream and attempting bushwalking paths with some scrambling. The difficulty is not extreme, but hikers need to know basics of rock climbing, not be afraid of heights and be confident on the slippery surfaces of a stream. A pair of thick gloves, long trousers and proper boots (with non-slip soles) are mandatory.

The meeting is for 10:00am at exit C2, Admiralty MTR, where we take bus No. 6 to Stanley. The ten minute waiting rule applies.

We will get off in Deep Water Bay, where we will face a stream hike starting from the golf club. In case of inclement weather we will take a path parallel to the stream itself. Subsequently we will hike a surprising forest trail, followed by a part of Hong Kong Trail, which will lead us to a bushwalking climb of Mount Nicholson.

A bit of orienteering from Tai Tam Reservoir will allow us to reach the famous General Rock, one of the landmarks of King Of The Hills mountain races. From there we will return to civilisation through Mount Parker Road.


If it is raining or threatening to rain (thunderstorm warning), the walk may still go ahead but we will hike on conventional hiking trails. Please look for announcement on this website or on Facebook the evening before. If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517.

Remember to bring all the usual gear, in particular lots of water at least two litres, thick gloves, good boots, sun block, a torch and a hat. Also, bring some lunch for along the way.

[Early exit available at Black's Link]




Disclaimer: There is potential danger and risk of injury in any hike and this is no exception. Take necessary precautions and join only if you think you’re up for it. The leader will take no liability nor is responsible for any injury or accident that happens during the hike. Please read all disclaimers on Trampers website, which apply to this hike as well.

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