Walk on 26 October, 2003 - Robin's Nest - From Lantau to the north-eastern New Territories

  Distance Duration* Elevation Level of Difficulty
Robin's Nest
? km
6 hrs
Lowest: 25 m
Highest: 492 m
Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.
*excludes travelling time

After last weeks extended trip into darkness on Lantau island we will move the action this time to the north-eastern New Territories. We will hike up to Robin's Nest (Hung Fa Leng), which we officially rate with it's 492m height as a two booter only, but the climb up can be demanding and it borders on the three boot side.

Robin Nest is the highest mountain in this area and we will enjoy good views from the summit towards the Hong Kong-Chinese border and beyond, if it's not too hazy.

We will meet in front of the ticket counters of Fanling KCR station at 11:00 a.m. From there we will take a minibus to Ma Tseuk Leng, and start the walk via Ma Tseuk Leng, up the spur on the eastern side, before turning into a western direction up to Hung Fa Chai (with 489 meters just a little bit lower). Only with a few more ups and downs along the ridge we continue with towards the summit of Robin's Nest.

From this point its nearly all the way downhill, quite a long strech of it on tarmac along the service road (to the west along Wo Keng Shan and in direction to Miu Keng), if we don't spot another unknown path worth following ;-)

Once we reach Wo Keng Sha Road, passing an old Tin Hau Temple on the right, we continue the walk to Ping Che,from where we can take a bus back to the Fanling KCR station.

Please remember to bring all the usual paraphernalia: hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, good footwear, a lunch (there are no stores along the way) and plenty of water (a good rule of thumb is to bring a minimum of two litres in any season). Last, but not least, an umbrella is good protection against light drizzle if it rains and against bombardment by cow pies if the flying cows are in the air. If it is raining or threatening to rain, the walk will be cancelled. If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517.

And remember -- don't be late! We'll have no time to wait!!

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