Walk on 5 March 2006, Lantau North Country Park

  Distance Duration* Elevation Level of Difficulty
North Lantau Country Park 
15 km
6 hrs
Lowest: 190 m
Highest: 751 m
Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.

Safety precautions

Please note that all participants of the walks organized by the Hong Kong Trampers do so at their own risk and no responsibility whatsoever is taken for any inaccuracies in the posted itineraries.  We are not a professional group, but only a group of friends who meet to do this for pleasure and exercise.  We are also a democratic group and sometimes change the itinerary before or during the course of a walk for any number of reasons, so please be prepared for possible changes if you want to join us.

The itineraries we post are only an idea of what we like to do, and we often modify our plans during the walk.  Before you join a walk, please read this information on this website (including the information on boot ratings) carefully, and consider the information given on that particular walk to see if the planned itinerary matches your ability and fitness.

If in doubt, it is better to be cautious than to join a walk that may be too difficult for you. If the walk is advertised as strenuous, if the weather is very hot or if you feel unwell or unfit to perform the walk, consider not joining the group.  Unless otherwise specifically stated in a walk itinerary, you should expect that there will be no "early exit" routes on a walk and that you will need to complete the entire walk if you join.  Most walks run until late afternoon or early evening, so if you have other commitments during the day, please consider not joining that walk.  Once you join the group, if you feel it necessary to leave the group before the walk is finished, always inform the other group member beforehand or phone the hotline under 8209 0517 and enquire about an escape route to the nearest public transport, if this is possible at all.

Participants should always carry plenty of water, particularly during the hotter months of the hiking season, from May to October.   During the winter months, you should bring a minimum of one and a half litres of water, and double that amount during the hotter months.

On last weeks walk we spotted a trail on the slope of Nei Lak Shan and another one leading into that direction, which we thought worthwile to explore.

Therefore we will meet on Sunday again at the Tung Chung MTR station at 11:00 am (with strict enforcement of the max 10 minutes waiting time). 

Remember this walk will be experimental and therefore no exact route can be given. Be prepared for the worst and expect a difficult walk. If it is easier than staed enjoy it for once. 

Please remember to bring all the usual paraphernalia: hat, sunscreen, good footwear, a lunch (there are no stores along the way) and plenty of water (a good rule of thumb is to bring a minimum of two liters in any season). Last, but not least, an umbrella is good protection against light rain or hot sun.

If it is raining hard or thunderstorms are threatening, the walk might be cancelled. If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517. And remember -- don't be late!


No warranty, statement or representation, express or implied, is made with respect to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information on this website.  We take no legal liability or responsibility (including liability for negligence) for any loss, damage, or injury (including death), which may result, whether directly or indirectly, from the supply or use of such information.


# Karl 2006-03-07 23:36
On this misty and cool Sunday we started out with 19 trampers by taking the bus to the starting point, same procedure than last week. We had to backtrack a little from the bus stop, but then we followed the clear trail via the two other small temples or monasteries towards Ngong Ping.
We had lunch at the relatively new wooden monument with inscriptions. It was quite windy and it started to rain while we were sitting a little sheltered in the pavilion below. Here nearly all of the student group of trampers, (5 out of 6) decided to do a little more sightseeing and went for a tour de Buddha and later on to Tai O. We returned to the main trail and followed the relatively new prepared trail into the northerly direction leading mostly at level around Nei Lak Shan until we reached the big cable car station. We had come across this the other way about 5 weeks before on our CNY walk. This time we continued in a northwesterly direction along a fairly small, but relatively clear path over the grassy slopes towards Sham Shek Tsuen. It had stopped to rain before, but the wind was quite strong and there was no view, as everything was covered in the clod or mist. We could clearly identify the planes and the other airport noises, but there was nothing but gray to see.

We followed the trail downhill, sometimes quite a steep and very slippery with bushes and undergrowth to hang on to, but nothing really difficult to manage. We reached the main path about 4:00 pm and most of us decided to walk to Tai O while Thomas turned the other way to Tung Chung. It was a pleasant walk of little over an hour before we reached Tai O and after a slow wind through the village we only lost 3 at the bus station, while the remaining 10 trampers had an early dinner with the usual beer at our favorite place just to the south of Tai O.

Overall it was a good day, but only a two-boot walk, as we had given the ascent to Nei Lak Shan a miss in favor of the new and unknown trail, that turned out to be less demanding than expected.
# 12s 2006-03-05 17:24

:cry: :cry: :cry:
# 12s 2006-03-05 07:03
# 12s 2006-03-04 09:28
But by that time you are already too late, cos the way we do things here within the Trampers mists, we do it effeciently and quietly....... :P
# joyce 2006-03-04 07:43
If I were a lawyer, I'd report to the police that my life is being threatened by a police officer.
# Francis lee 2006-03-03 20:38
Didn't Shakespeare once say: "The first thing we do, let's kill the lawyer".

Let's kill him on this walk, whoever he is. :D :D :D
# cha 2006-03-03 18:34

Good that there is at least one lawyer amongst us !
# 12s 2006-03-03 00:18
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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