Walk on 26 February 2006, Lantau Peak

  Distance Duration* Elevation Level of Difficulty
Lantau Peak 
11 km
5+ hrs
Lowest: 190 m
Highest: 917 m
Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.Wonder what a boot is?  See  explanation  of our boot system.

Todays walk will be another three boot walk with added spice on the downhill side.

We will meet at 11:00 a.m, in Tung Chung MTR station, just outside the turnstiles. Given the usual waiting time of 10 minutes to latecomers, we will take a bus to Mui Wo from the bus terminus just outside of the station.

The walk will follow the normal lantai trail up to Lantau Peak. On the way down we will try a different route straight towards the south. This route is very steep, with the slippery trail faint and hardly marked, so be prepared for the worst. I have only done part of this trail so we will see how it goes on Sunday. Good sturdy boots are essential on this trail down. If the weather is bad we might cancel the adventourous part.

Of course it is possible to go down the usual well trodden trail towards the Ngong Ping, if you want to avoid the adventure.

Please remember to bring all the usual paraphernalia: hat, sunscreen, good footwear, a lunch (there are no stores along the way) and plenty of water (a good rule of thumb is to bring a minimum of two liters in any season). Last, but not least, an umbrella is good protection against light rain or hot sun.

If it is raining hard or thunderstorms are threatening, the walk might be cancelled. If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517. And remember -- don't be late!


# Ken Nagai 2006-03-26 18:01
Here is the another hiking photo album link.

Click here ... (http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?id=2108687969&code=21217654&mode=invite&DCMP=isc-email-AlbumInvite )
# karl 2006-03-04 19:35
23 trampers took the Mui Wo Bus to Pak Kung Au, where we started the climb up to Lantau Peak. One more tramper caught up with us from the next bus before we reached the peak. The surprisingly warm and sunny weather lead to the first complaints seems a lot of people rather like it cold and miserable. While the group extended soon over a long distance the view was good considering that a misty cloudy day was forecast. The first trampers reached the Peak before 13:00, and were ready and eager to continue when the last ones arrived quite exhausted at the top. So we stayed for a little while longer to let everybody finish lunch and recover from the climb before we had the obligatory group photo. Lately we seem to have quite a few casualties on the hikes; today Hiroko fell and grazed both her knees already on the way to the bus. Besides ripped pants she escaped with minor scratches and bruises. Luckily that was it on this subject for today.

On the way downhill we the group split soon, the majority followed the relatively new trail over the ridge towards the south, while a smaller group followed the main trail towards Ngong Ping plateau and then above the Shek Pik reservoir to the Picnic area at the Lantau trail stage 10. This was the intended meeting point for both groups.
The larger group soon lost a couple of hikers who decided they rather follow the main trail then face the steep slopes along our designated route. We continued cautiously along the ridge towards Kaunga Ling and in a slightly in a southwesterly direction until we meet the main path towards our meeting point at the picnic area. The views along the ridge were excellent, and with the narrow and sometimes very steep trail some of us struggled to follow the mountain goats ahead.

When we approached the junction with the main path Justin and Neil appeared from below, they had passed the slower group on the main trail some time ago. We continued to the picnic area at the Shek Pik reservoir, where we waited for the other group to arrive. It was still early so we started walking along the catch water concrete road towards the Tung Chung road, where some decided to call it a day and went for the bus. We continued walking further along the road towards Cheung Sha and finally managed to find a path down towards the main road, where we had to backtrack quite a bit. It started to get dark when we came to the turn off towards the beach and our final destination of today’s walk, the Stoep. The slower group being left behind before was already there, taking a short cut across a construction site had saved them some time backtracking.
Overall it became quite a long walk today with nearly an 8 km additional bit thrown in along the catch water, once we had done with the hills

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