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Walk on 18 February 2001

Pak Kung Au to Mui Wo via Sunset Peak
  • Group at Pak Kung Au

  • A Sunset Peak aerial cow

  • Let the pain begin...

  • Why do the government insist on covering everying with concrete when they could pave it with stones? They did it then, why not now?

Stone path - Lantau Trail

  • King Wai studying his map. Lautau Peak is in the background

  • At one of the many rest stops

  • Pui O and Chi Ma Wan Peninsula

  • The stone huts of Sunset Peak

  • Victor relaxing, Tung Chung in the background

  • Don't jump!

  • Nice verandah...

  • Nam Shan or the little old lady?

  • View of Yi Tung Shan from Pak Fu Tin

  • Real trampers strech after walking

  • Real trampers drink after walking. Look at the embarassing number of beer bottles on the table!

  • First timer Jan performing the ritual under Cristina's supervision

  • Cheung Sha (left) to Lantau Peak